Anthology Style Instructions

The Atlantic Economic Journal was established to facilitate increased communication and the sharing of constructive viewpoints among economists. In addition to formal publication of full length articles, other avenues of less formal communication should be available. A small point may not be worthy of a formal paper but is important enough to warrant dissemination to colleagues. Research in progress may be of interest to other economists. A research approach producing negative results should be shared to save others from similar pitfalls.

Anthologies provide a means by which short manuscripts can quickly appear in the AEJ.

Every attempt is made to complete the review process within one month after receipt of the manuscript. Manuscripts not meeting the guidelines listed below will be rejected without review.


Submit your Anthology in electronic form to and follow the instructions.

1. Categories of manuscripts:
(a) A summary of completed original research, briefly stating why it was undertaken, its methodology, and results obtained.
(b) A summary of research in progress and available upon request.
(c) A positive comment about a printed article. This should be of a nature that does not require formal reply.
(d) A corrective comment on errors in one’s own previously printed work.

2. (a) Total length of text must not be less than 700 words or exceed 800 words, double-spaced.
(b) Title, not to exceed 10 words.
(c) Body of the manuscript must not contain diagrams or tables.
(d) If equations are used, the number of words should be reduced accordingly. Each line of an equation is equivalent to 60 words.
(e ) References to previously published works should appear in parentheses and within the body of the text. Include the author(s) name, name of the journal or book, and year of publication, like so: (Author last name(s), Journal, 2016). Do not include a reference list at the end of the anthology.
(f) No footnotes will be accepted.


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