Organize a Session and Join the Program Committee


Become a member of the Program Committee by organizing a session with 4 to 6 papers or establishing a study/working group.If you are interested in joining the program committee, send an outline of your proposed session to Please include a 250-400 word overview/summary of the proposed session, along with the names, contact information and presentation titles (even if tentative) of all presenters. No more than half of the session’s authors or co-authors can be from the same department or center and a person cannot author or co-author more than one paper in the same session. The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, 15 May 2018. Paper submission fees are waived for your session participants if they submit before 30 May, 2018, however registration fees will still apply.

Instructions for Chairing

You may volunteer to serve as a chair for one or more sessions or serve as a discussant at the conference. If you are willing to serve as a chair and do not plan to present a paper, please email with your top three preferred JEL codes.  If you wish to serve as a chair and do plan to present a paper to present at the conference, please indicate this when submitting your paper online, so that we can avoid scheduling conflicts.

Session chairs have the following responsibilities:

  1. Ensure that the authors in the session e-mail their papers to the session participants and the discussant assigned to their papers by 10 September 2018.
  2. Ensure that each paper has a discussant. If there are not enough discussants for the papers in the session, the chair should solicit volunteers from the authors in the session.
  3. Serve as timekeeper/moderator during the session. Each session chair is responsible for seeing that presenters and discussants stay within their time limit. Since each session is only two hours long, start and end times must be strictly adhered to. If time permits, the chair may lead a round-table discussion with the authors.
  4. Please fill out the chair questionnaire found on the head table and return it to the conference registration desk, e-mail it to, or fax it to 404-965-1556.

Instructions for Discussants

Serving as a discussant in a session allows presenters to receive valuable feedback from their peers and helps provide a better conference experience for participants. If you wish to serve as a discussant and do not plan to present a paper, please email indicating the number of papers, your top 3 preferred JEL code(s), and the area(s) in which you would be willing to discuss. Discussants play a vital role in the conference by offering colleagues comments and suggestions about their research.

Discussants have the following responsibilities:

  1. Read the assigned paper and prepare 3-5 minutes of comments/suggestions regarding the author(s) research. Additional feedback can be provided following the authors(s) presentation.
  2. If you have not received a copy of the paper by 10 September, directly contact the author. With agreement from the session chair, you may have a late paper deleted or choose not to discuss it because it was late. Please contact if you are unable to discuss a paper for this reason. 

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