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paulPaul Bauer Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics at the
State University of New York, Oneonta

To begin this new year we are honored to have Professor Paul Bauer as our Member of the Month. He has been a longtime member and very active in his participation, having been a member of the Board of Editors for the Atlantic Economic Journal since 2008. He’s also published a number of articles, during his time at the the Federal Reserve in Cleveland and in his academic career, covering his main interest in payments research.

Why did you become a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society?:

Years ago Joe Hughes recruited me for some sessions on financial markets he put together. Those sessions went very well and I was hooked. I found the IAES meetings a useful venue for presenting my research and for keeping up with other researchers.

What do you find most enjoyable about your membership?:

I find the smaller scale of the IAES meetings to be a real plus. You have a better chance of actually making connections with other attendees, and the meetings fit into smaller cities than say the ASSA’s, making a nice change of pace.

Have you held any notable positions within the IAES, (Officer, Board of Editiors, Program Committee, etc.) if so, when?:

Executive Committee, International Atlantic Economic Society, since October 2014.

Board of Editors, Atlantic Economic Journal, since October 2008.

I have put together sessions on several occasions.

What types of projects/research are you working on and what inspired/motivated you to pursue that interest?:

In my years in the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank, I developed a specialty in payments research. There were some interesting research questions and I had a comparative advantage in that my position at the Fed gave me access to data and experts not easily replicated by non-Fed researchers. Currently, Geoff Gerdes (Board of Governors) and I are estimating the magnitude of network economies in payment instruments by studying the transition from paper to electronic processing of checks.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering your line of work/field of study?:

Figure out the mix of research, teaching, and service you would have in your dream job. Then seek out an institution that will support and reward you for your efforts.

Favorite hobby:

I enjoy all forms of bicycling (mountain biking, touring, and road racing). Living in upstate New York, I am surrounded by mountain bike trails and lightly travelled rural roads through the Catskills. I also canoe and kayak. I’m saving golf for my old age.

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