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Sung Won Sohn, Ph.D.
Martin V. Smith Professor of Economics
California State University-Channel Islands

Professor Sohn, a world-renowned economist, has been a prominent researcher for many years. Since the financial crisis and subsequent bailout, he has been on the short list for media outlets worldwide due to his time as Chief Economic Officer and Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo Bank and Chief Executive Officer of Hanmi Financial Corporation. Here at the IAES we have been lucky enough to have Dr. Sohn as a lifetime member since 1978 and we have enjoyed his decades of support/contributions.  

Why did you become a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society?:

As the world has been globalizing, I wanted to be a part of it. The best way is to meet and listen to scholars from around the world. It has been a very rewarding experience.

What do you find most enjoyable about your membership?:

Meeting fellow academics from all around the world has been very productive and interesting. After decades of membership, I now have someone to contact in almost every country.

What types of projects/research are you working on and what inspired/motivated you to pursue that interest?:

My primary interest is global economy. I have a website,, where I publish ongoing country reports. For example, my latest report is on Canada

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering your line of work/field of study?:

Every economist must have a global view of the economy. All economies are connected together like a spiderweb. What happens in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, etc.  affects us all significantly. Economists must do research and teach in this context. Afterall, we want to teach our students to become global citizens. 

Favorite hobby?:

Golf. I used to be an avid sailor going to the Great Lakes and the Caribbean Islands. 












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