Montréal Recap

The 84th International Atlantic Economic Conference held in Montréal, Canada, 5-8 October 2017 brought together economists and finance experts from all around the world to discuss the changing economic landscape of the past, present and future. This year’s conference featured an lineup of speakers, including Professor Barry Eichengren who delivered the 2017 Presidential Address and Professor Eric Rosengren who delivered the 2017 William S. Vickrey Distinguished Address. If you attended the conference or you are curious about what you missed follow the links below to view the web program and photos taken throughout the conference. Special thanks to all who attended!

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Highlights Included:

Barry Eichengreen, 2017 Presidential Address:

“Aftershocks of European Monetary Unification”

Barry Eichengreen is the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics
and Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, where he has taught since 1987. He is a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research (Cambridge, Massachusetts) and Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (London, England). In 2014-15 he was Pitt Professor of American History and Institutions, at the University of Cambridge. In 1997-98 he was Senior Policy Advisor at the International Monetary Fund. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His most recent books are Hall of Mirrors: The Great Depression, The Great Recession, and the Uses–and Misuses–of History, and From Miracle to Maturity: The Growth of the Korean Economy and Exorbitant Privilege: The Rise and Fall of the Dollar and the Future of the International Monetary System (shortlisted for the Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award in 2011).


 Eric Rosengren, 2017 William S. Vickrey Distinguished Address:

“Estimating Key Economic Variables: The Policy Implications” 

Eric Rosengren became the Boston Federal Reserve Bank’s 13th president and chief executive officer on July 23, 2007, after holding senior positions in both the Bank’s economic research and bank supervision functions. Rosengren joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as an economist in the Research Department in 1985. He became assistant vice president in 1989, followed by vice president of the Banking and Monetary Policy section of the Research department in 1991. In 2000, he was named Senior Vice President leading the Supervision, Regulation, and Credit department. In 2003, he assumed the additional role of chief discount officer and in 2005 was named executive vice president. During his time in Supervision, Dr. Rosengren was active in domestic and international regulatory policy. Dr. Rosengren has written extensively on macroeconomics, international banking, bank supervision, and risk management, including articles in leading economics and finance journals. Much of Dr. Rosengren’s research, analysis, and public speaking has focused on how problems in the financial sector impact the real economy. He is a director of the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, chair of Colby College’s Board of Trustees, and a member of the University of Wisconsin’s Economics Advisory Board. Dr. Rosengren earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 


Banking Mini-Conference:


Chair and Organizer: Julapa Jagtiani, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

Alexander Kroeger and Asani Sarkar, Federal Reserve Bank of New York—U.S.A., The law of one bitcoin price? View Presentation

Julapa Jagtiani, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia—U.S.A. and Catharine Lemieux, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago—U.S.A. Fintech lending: Financial inclusion, risk pricing, and alternative information View Presentation

Blake Marsh and Jesse Maniff, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City—U.S.A., Banking on distributed ledger technology: Can DLT help banks address financial inclusion?  View Presentation

Brian Knight, George Mason University—U.S.A., Federalism and federalization on the Fintech frontier  View Presentation


Organizers: Christine M. Cumming, and Joseph P. Hughes, Rutgers University – U.S.A.

Chair: Christine Cumming, Rutgers University – U.S.A. 

Joseph P. Hughes, Rutgers University—U.S.A., Loretta J. Mester, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia—U.S.A. and Choon-Geol Moon, Hanyang University—South Korea, Market discipline for and against financial stability: The two faces of equity capital in U.S. commercial banking View Presentation

Rhys M. Bidder, John R. Krainer and Adam H. Shapiro, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco—U.S.A.,  De-leveraging or de-risking? How banks cope with loss View Presentation

Colleen Baker, University of Oklahoma—U.S.A., Christine M. Cumming, Rutgers University— U.S.A. and Julapa Jagtiani, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia—U.S.A., Market discipline on bank risk-taking: How important are liquidity requirements relative to capital requirements? View Presentation


Organizers: William Lang, Promontory Financial Group – U.S.A. and  Eugene N. White, Rutgers University – U.S.A.

Chair: William Lang, Promontory Financial Gorup – U.S.A.

William Lang, Promontory Financial Group—U.S.A., Discussion on “Effectiveness of Bank Supervision” View Presentation

Eugene N White, Rutgers University—U.S.A., Purpose and effectiveness of bank examination in late 19th and 20th century America View Presentation


Best Undergraduate Paper Competition Winner and Finalists:

Christina Cheung, University of British Columbia, Eliminating the Penny in Canada: An Economic Analysis of Penny-Rounding on Grocery Items View Presentation
Jessica Green, Nottingham Trent University, To What Extent Does Immigration Lead to Displacement Effects and Subdued Growth in Earnings for United Kingdom Workers? View Presentation
Gytautas Karklius, University of Warwick, The Effect of Central Bank Informal Communication on Bond Markets: The Evidence from the Bank of England View Presentation
Yin Li Toh, University of Warwick, The Role of Land Wealth on Child Labour in Vietnam View Presentation

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