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72nd IAEC attendees

Attendees of the 72nd International Atlantic Economic Conference held in Washington, D.C., October 2011










Who are our members?

Members include economists and financial experts from academe, government, and the private sector. They believe in the Society’s purpose of providing an educational and scientific forum for the global community of economists and others in related disciplines. By offering a variety of venues for communication, the opportunity is enhanced for members to exchange scholarly ideas and scientific research with colleagues worldwide. Networking opportunities abound through both the scientific programs and social and cultural activities. Members are welcomed from all areas of educational and scientific specialization without regard to methodological or political preferences. Our member ARE the society, without our members we would not exist!

Volunteer Opportunities:

  1. Suggest relevant content/ideas for the International Atlantic Economic Society E-Newsletter
  2. Submit your CV and serve as an ad hoc reviewer for the Atlantic Economic Journal or International Advances in Economic Research
  3. Take a brief survey and become Member of the Month

Membership Benefits

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