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Gordon Brady, Ph.D
U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee

IN 1998 at a conference honoring Gordon Tullock in Tucson, Arizona Gordon Brady met John and Kathy Virgo. Gordon was familiar with the Atlantic Economic Journal, but had never met the pair who made it work. Years later, he is now a member of IAES as well as a board member of the Atlantic Economic Journal! Gordon is also a current member of the IAES Executive Committee, and is often a part of the IAES program committees. He organized an extraordinary plenary symposium at our 2014 international conference held in Madrid, Spain. The panel featured Professor Pedro Schwartz (Spain), Professor Huerta de Soto (Spain), Francesco Forte (Italy), and Professor Angelo Santagostino (Turkey). Thank you Gordon Brady!

Why did you decide to become a member?

 I enjoyed the journal and attending the IAES conferences because they are well managed and tightly organized around interesting topics. 

What types of projects/research are you working on?

 My current research involves the presidential election in Malawi,  US and EU fiscal policy, history of thought, and environmental regulation.  I have been fortunate to know many of the major politicians and economists.

What inspires/motivates you in your line of work or field of study? 

Exploring and being around economists and politicians.

Favorite hobby:  

Collecting porcelain, The Wealth of Nations, work by Ronald Coase, Lewis Carroll, and the Italian public finance theorists.


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