John Virgo Memorial

Dr. John Virgo

John M. Virgo,
founder of the International Atlantic Economic Society and founding editor of the Atlantic Economic Journal and International Advances in Economic Research, passed away on November 29, 2012. He left behind a legacy of enhanced opportunities for researchers, particularly young researchers, to present and publish their findings via high quality events and publications.

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The September issue of the Atlantic Economic Journal and the November issue of International Advances in Economic Research are devoted to honoring John’s memory.



Authors include:

Nicholas Apergis
David Ault
Roger Battistella
Richard Cebula
Gary Clayton
Joseph Daniels
Mohammed Dore
Eleanor Doyle
Gary Ferrier
Franz Gehrels
Shiferaw Gurmu
Jannett Highfill
Eduard Hochreiter

Alan Hochstein
Joseph Hughes
Robert Kohn
Gerald Lander
Gail Makinen
Milton Marquis
Reinhard Neck
Attiat Ott
Ralph Pfouts
Antonin Rusek
Eric Solberg
Katherine Virgo
Dorota Witkowska

Selected Excerpts from Upcoming Special Issues

It was John’s way to be understanding, helpful, kind, and considerate, to be interested in my work, to be involved with the participants, and to simply be an excellent host.  He made me feel comfortable, and this was not easy to do for a new presenter. At later IAES conferences, I searched for John to talk about my major interest in economics at that time—health economics. As was his way, he showed more than a passing interest in my work and explained that he was as involved with my topic as I was.

– Alan Hochstein

John’s lasting contribution established a forum that brought together (at reasonable cost) academic, financial, and applied economists from all trades working all over the world. Thus, John saw and fostered the global dimension of intellectual interchange.

– Eduard Hochreiter

The institutions that John founded and developed will live on without him. Nobody can explain why God, Heaven, Fate, or pure chance sometimes causes the early departure of significant persons. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. All that anyone can do is to strengthen himself and do his best.

– Ralph W. Pfouts

John Virgo gave generously of himself and expected nothing in return. He inspired the same in others. The world has sadness as well as joy, but while he was here, he made  it radiant.

– Robert Kohn

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In memory of John M. Virgo


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