Member of the Month



Cândida Ferreira Ph.D.
Professor of Economics at the
University of Lisbon

At the IAES our members take an active approach to better the society as whole; whether that be participating as an Editor on a review board for a journal, helping organize conference sessions, or inviting your colleagues to participate in a conference. For the month of May we would like to honor one of those economists who heeded the call from her colleague and we are glad she did. That is why we are honored to have Cândida Ferreira as our Member of the Month for the month of May. Dr. Ferreira is a Professor of Economics at the University of Lisbon and her current research pursuits deal with the relevance of globalization to economic growth. Since being invited to attend our conference, by our past president Reinhard Neck, Dr. Ferreira has been a regular attendee to our conferences, including our most recent conference in Berlin, Germany where she presented her research entitled, “Does globalization promote economic growth?” We at the IAES feel privileged to be surrounded by so many people who are passionate about their work and we are excited to see where this will take us in the future.

Why did you become a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society?:

Mostly because Professor Reinhard Neck invited me.

What do you find most enjoyable about your membership?:

The shared information and the participation in the IAES Conferences.

What types of projects/research are you working on and what inspired/motivated you to pursue that interest?:

Currently I am working on the relevance of globalization to economic growth; I have also been working on the performance of banking institutions and on the relevance of debts to economic growth.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering your line of work/field of study?:

Just to be prepared to deal with the scarcity of data and to not getting the expected results immediately.

Favorite hobby: Reading.

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