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Richard Cebula

Richard J. Cebula Ph.D.
Billy J. Waler/Wells Fargo Endowed Chair and
Professor of Finance at
Jacksonville University

This month we would like to honor a longtime member of the IAES and active participant at our conferences, Richard J. Cebula. Dr. Cebula is the Billy J. Walker/Wells Fargo Endowed Chair and Professor of Finance at Jacksonville University. During his time with the IAES he has been a member of the Program Committee, he was an elected member of the Executive Committee, a guest editor of the AEJ, and since 1995 he has been on the Editorial Board for the IAER. Outside of the IAES he has had a long and distinguished career, authoring over 15 scholarly books, over 600 scholarly articles, and in 2014 he became President of the Mid-Continent Regional Science Association. He is even included in Who’s Who in Economics, a book listing the 1,500 major economists over the last three centuries. In 2007, he was recognized for his teaching excellence when he was the sole recipient of the Kenneth G. Elzinga Distinguished Teaching Award.

Why did you become a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society?:

Because I found the collegiality of the members to be genuine, the atmosphere to be warm, the remarks in sessions to be constructive and useful, and the publications (AEJ and IAER) to be scholarly and of high quality.

What do you find most enjoyable about your membership?:

The feeling that the members are respectful and friendly and positive.

Have you held any notable positions within the IAES, (Officer, Board of Editiors, Program Committee, etc.) if so, when?:

I have been on the Editorial Board of the IAER since 1995. I was elected to the Executive Committee for [I believe] the period 2005-2008. I have been on the Program Committee about 15 times. I have been Guest Editor of the AEJ and the IAER.

What types of projects/research are you working on and what inspired/motivated you to pursue that interest?:

Current research involves voter participation, female labor force behavior, economic freedom and economic growth, and the cost of living.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering your line of work/field of study?:

Work hard and remained focused. Remember that we are here as a part of a team and we should be willing to share our knowledge with and mentor younger faculty and students and work with older faculty as well.

Favorite hobby:

Hiking and running, and playing tennis, baseball and basketball, especially with my grandsons.



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