Member of the Month


Stephanie Bardwell, LL.M., J.D.
Associate Professor of Law and Management,
Academic Director of Community Based Learning, Honor Faculty
at the Christopher Newport University

Professor Bardwell has been a lifetime member with the IAES since 2012 and we are happy to have her as our Member of the Month, for the month of September. She has been an active member with us over the years, judging for the Best Undergraduate Paper Award (BUPA) and presenting several papers, and she hopes to remain active for the following decades to come!

Why did you become a member of the International Atlantic Economic Society?: I became a member many years ago when I presented a paper co-authored by an economics faculty colleague. It was my first presentation of a scholarly work to what I discovered was an intelligent, engaged, critical and challenging academic audience. I recognized that the questions, criticisms, suggestions and comments from the audience were sincere, insightful and very important in achieving my goal of becoming a better professor, scholar and researcher. To this very day, I recall that this was a wonderful first experience; it was welcoming, a bit intimidating and ultimately inspiring!

What do you find most enjoyable about your membership?:  I thoroughly enjoy the intense and varied topics,  the excellent best student paper competition,  and best of all, the internationally flavored academic sessions with renowned economists from all over the globe. The members are both impressive and approachable, and demonstrate the best qualities of collegiality and intelligent discourse.

Have you held any notable positions within the IAES, (Officer, Board of Editiors, Program Committee, etc.) if so, when?: I have had the pleasure of being a Judge for the Best Student Paper competition; and presented several papers over the years.

What types of projects/research are you working on and what inspired/motivated you to pursue that interest?: I am  at heart, a died in the wool lawyer who loves economic analysis; I am currently developing a framework for my students to understand global  social entrepreneurship through the lenses of  law and economics.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering entering your line of work/field of study?:Decide first what your skills are; then determine to hone and perfect these skills to the best of your ability by studying the behavior, words and wisdom of those you respect. Then…do your best by being true to yourself and being honest to your own ideals.

Favorite hobby:I paint, in oils and acrylics [under my pseudonym, MAGYAR].

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